Our App

Our app is basically for our user who already opt in for our services. By using app anyone can also send request to opt for our services. Our app provide our user flexibility to see the proposals at a glance and respond.

Our Process

1. Whenever users sent us a profile via electronic or hard copy, we ask them to agree on the TOS in both of the cases before listing on our site.

2. If user want to use our services then he/she must agree to out TOS. Which is

3. Once accepted our TOS user send their profiles to us for further checking.

4. If everything is alright and satisfy our scruntiy team. We registered user and provide them login access and detail via email, sms or call.

This is the standard process our user follows. Now for ease of doing login and to reduce the headache of remembering different password we add OAuth mechanism for our users. Now our user can login with their google account. Using login with google not only provide ease of access but it also provide our user insights of our service and compare it with similar service providers.
Often our users complain about our services which is basically to provide them assistance to choose their match for this we send them proposals, fixing meeting etc. Our users want to see the intimations which we sent regarding our services as well as comapres to other. For this very reason we provide them a way to do so by comapring our mails and other service providers. Our user uses this feature by giving AttuneApp the access to read their emails. it is completely optional if an user does not want to uses this feature he/she denies the access, it does not affects the other features and he/she can use other features as usual.

Complete login flow with gmail described in section below
Step by step gmail sign in option workflow.
Step 01. Go to login page and click sing in with google

Step 02. After clicking you will redirected to the sign in page shown below.

Note: In this step AttuneApp only fetches email id from oauth to verify your identity.
Step 03. After login you will be redirected to our dashboard, shown below.

Step 04. Now if you want to use our new feature in which you can check all our communication and proposals sent to you. And comapre it with other service provider you can do it by going to "Proposals Mail" section.

Step 05. If you click the "proposals Mail" section then you will see the page shown below. To use this feature we had to access your gmail's mail.You can Grant permission or Deny. If you Deny you will go back to dashboard and use our other features as usual. If you grant permission you will be redirected to gmail consent screen described in next step.

Step 06. After clicking Grant Permission button you will be at the page shown below. You can either Allow or cancel.

Step 07. If you Allow AttuneMat to access then you will be redirected to the page shown below.

Note: AttuneApp only fetches email when you open this section via server to server call. Attuneapp does not store your emails in any database or other formats to it's own server.

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